Getting Started

For many of us, starting a rock landscape project can be an intimidating task. We recommends that you follow these steps for your next project:

  1. Are you going to use a contractor? If you already have a contractor you should be all set. If you need a contractor, give us a call and we’ll try to give you a recommendation.
  2. Measure the area of coverage – measure the length and the width of your area of coverage and then multiply the two figures – this should give you the area of coverage. Note: if the area is not square you’ll have to do some estimating.
  3. Determine the depth of the coverage – if you are using decorative rock you will need to understand how deep of coverage is required – 2″ is recommended.
  4. Select the rock of choice – select your rock of preference.
  5. Using the conversion chart determine how much rock is needed to complete your project.

If you are going to use flagstone: One ton (pallet) of patio grade flagstone will cover approximately 85 square feet.


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