Gravel, Sand,Topsoil, Road Base & Salt 

Crushed Gravel

We have gravel available in multiple sizes upon request if needing a truck load. We always have 1″ minus in stock.

Pictured to the right is the 1″ gravel.


Pea Gravel 3/8″ Minus

This Pea Gravel is a washed 3/8 inch minus. Its good for drains, garden landscaping, play grounds or even aquariums!

Type “C” Safety Bulk Road Salt w/ Deicer

During the winter months we carry Type “C” Safety Bulk Road Salt with a Deicing and anti clumping agent. This is great to melt the ice on asphalt parking lots and streets. You can come on in and get loaded or we can deliver it to where ever you may need it!


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